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illustration digital art retouching vector graphic pop surrealism

Digital illustrations

Digital art was my first approach to art, I publish here all my illustrations since 2010.


My latest illustration is "Vacuum ball".



I love 3D as a way to reproduce exactly the shapes I have in my mind, it brings a lot of satisfaction.


I recently created new models that I used in my latest illustration.

3D models characters clothes shoes objects 3ds max zbrush


painting watercolor oil ink charcoal pencil drawing sketch


I like expressionism abstract painting, I mainly use oil colors.


My latest painting is "Croste e ferite".



Photography is one of my favourite passion, I like experimenting with lights, shadows, black and white, blur and distortion effects.


I recently published a new photo shooting "Full of hard bites".

photography black and white erotic fetish portrait still life blur distortions lights effects noir dark gothic


music electronic aggrotech techno classic piano midi keyboard mp3 tracks experimental


I always listened to electronic, EBM, aggrotech and techno, I love this music. Recently I wanted to create some tracks and a midi keyboard was my chance, so I experimented with a lot of instruments included classic piano. I want to share my first approaches and experimentations, I'll publish here some audio and videoclips.



Sometimes I like writing thoughts... this section is written in italian, my mother tongue.


I'm inspired and I'm writing some thoughts... usually I do it in my bed at night and I publish here the day after.

I'm actually involved in writing a book so I've temporarily suspended the updates.

writing poetry poesia erotica prosa testi scritti pensieri parole erotismo surrealismo



Daniela Clementi digital artist illustration 3D models oil painting black and white photography electronic music writing poetry